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I would class myself as a long time lover of all things sports. 

Whether that's the games themselves or the business behind them I've always just been obsessed with sports.

My favourite sports are Ice Hockey and American Football, but there is a place in my heart for football (soccer) as well.


Seattle Kraken are my team in the NHL and Miami Dolphins are my team in the NFL


I class myself as being painfully honest, so if you want to ask me a question I guarantee you'll get an answer of some sorts!


J.P. is a professional media producer and content creator based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  


As a hardcore Vegas Golden Knights fan, J.P. created Gold and Steel, a brand focused on Golden Knights commentary, discussion, history, news, and art from the fan perspective.  


J.P. can be frequently found on Twitter discussing all things hockey with the Golden Knights and NHL fan community.    


Follow Gold and Steel on Twitter: @GoldandSteelVGK

Or on the web:


 I am a huge sports fan since I was born, while other kids were watching superheroes save the world, I was on the sports channel watching Sidney Crosby lift the cup!  


I mainly focus on hockey but I know a lot about NBA basketball too and I enjoy playing soccer (but not watching it)  


I am your typical Habs fan, but especially a Carey Price fan. Once told my girlfriend that she's the 2nd beauty of the world, behind my boy Carey.  


I am from Quebec, Canada so If you hear a disgusting French accent on the show, you'll know who it is! 

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 I am a huge sports fan in general, love watching any big sport and looking into how the teams get to where they are. 


Ice hockey is by far my favorite.  I’m from Tampa, FL and am a huge Tampa Bay Lightning fan and love everything about the organization.


My NFL team is the Carolina Panthers and my college football team is the Tennessee Volunteers.   


I play ice hockey regularly and love to be active. Enjoy talking about any sport and learning as much as I can! 

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